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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.  On this site you'll find out a little about me, my interests, my family and other tidbits that I might think will be of interest.

I'll provide links to my other sites where I indulge in my passions of searching my family tree(s), travel, photography, interior decorating, landscaping, reading and collecting art and certain types of pottery.  You can see my genealogy research results at www.hauley.com/mygenealogy.  Our many trips to Arizona have resulted in my site on Sedona and Arizona at www.hauley.com/arizona-vacation .  Some of the art that I have collected recently has resulted in setting up a site for my purchases from Ken Hayes, an artist in Wales who I commissioned to do some work for me from some photos taken while on vacation in England & Wales in 2006.  You can see these on www.hauley.com/lindasart.  
We love travelling and although our destination of choice is Sedona, AZ on the website above, there are many other trips we have taken and I hope to upload a few pictures from some of these destionations.  Some of these have been a Baltic Cruise (2007), Southern England & Wales (2006, 2013 & 2014), our 25th Hawaiian anniversary cruise (2011), Scotland & Ireland (2012) other States, such as Maine, Virginia, Texas, Florida, California, Illinois, etc.
I will be adding one showing the changes we have made in our home in the past 20 years.  I hope you will find items of interest to you in these pages and hope to hear from you with feedback on those that mean the most to you
Thanks again and enjoy...

What's New?

Whenever I make an update to my web site, I'll make a note here so you can see what has changed since your last visit to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. 

10/06/06 - Started work on www.hauley.com.
12/01/07 - Updated site to Ken Hayes artwork.
06/30/07 - Added Baltic cruise site.
12/28/07 - Completed new SureSlim site.
02/15/08 - Updated Meisha and ages and dates.
06/21/08 - Transferred SureSlim to its own site & updated links.


This site is constantly a work in progress and will be updated again in the near future.  Thanks for dropping by.  Drop by often to see the latest updates to all my sites.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site. See the Contact Me Page.

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